BrAIngent - Commands

🧠 /setup - Setup Braingent in Community This important command opens the BrAIngent Community Setup menu, where you can input specific information about your project. With this knowledge, BrAIngent will be able to automatically assist you in supporting your telegram community.

You must be an admin or owner in a telegram group and proceed with /setup in the specific group to be able to use this function.

🧠 /menu - BrAIngent Menu This command displays the main menu, which offers a thorough rundown of all BrAIngent features. 🧠 /mode - Select Chat Mode This command lets you choose the category and chat modes that fits your needs. You can customize your interaction with the AI for advice, entertainment, or information. 🧠 /credits - Account credits With credits, you can recharge your Telegram user ID credits, ensuring that you always receive fast AI-specific responses from BrAIngent. This command also helps you monitor your usage within BrAingentBot. 🧠 /image - Generate Artwork With the Image Command, you can specify image attributes like model (DALLE-2 &DALLE-3), size, style and quality. Additionally, you can toggle the AI-based reply on or off. 🧠 /settings - BrAIngent settings With this command, you can select your desired text-based AI model. The options are Basic BrAIn (GPT-3.5) and Boosted BrAIn (GPT-4o). Both models can be used by anyone, anytime, but keep in mind that GPT-4 queries are on average 20% more expensive.

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